What is EX.link on the Samsung TV?


In the realm of television technology, Samsung has long been a pioneer, driving the market with innovative features and superior quality. One of these distinctive features is the EX.link, a significant aspect of their Smart TV offerings designed to improve and streamline users’ home entertainment experience.

What is EX.link?

EX.link, short for Extended Link, is an interface protocol developed by Samsung for their television sets. The term EX.link is often seen on the back of Samsung TVs and typically corresponds to a 3.5mm headphone-like jack. This interface is not for connecting headphones, though; it’s an RS-232C control and service port providing a two-way communication channel between the TV and compatible devices.

Features and Benefits of EX.link

The fundamental idea behind EX.link is to enhance user convenience by automating several processes and creating an interactive ecosystem of devices.

  1. Device Control: EX.link allows users to control various devices that are connected to the TV via this interface. This is facilitated through RS-232 commands, enabling you to manage various device functions directly from your TV. For instance, it allows for integrating and controlling home theater systems, reducing the need for multiple remotes.
  2. Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: EX.link is a service port that technicians can use for diagnostic purposes. If a Samsung TV encounters an issue, the service team can access diagnostic data through this port, facilitating troubleshooting.
  3. Home Automation Integration: The EX.link port can be connected to home automation systems in advanced applications. This enables users to control their Samsung TV and other connected devices from a single interface, creating a seamless and interconnected home environment.

Using the EX.link Port

Using the EX.link port is straightforward. You’ll need an EX.link to RS-232 cable, often supplied with the TV or available as a separate purchase. The 3.5mm jack goes into the EX.link port on your Samsung TV, and the other end, typically a 9-pin D-sub connector, plugs into the compatible device.

Once the connection is made, the TV and device can communicate via RS-232 commands. To fully utilize this feature, the user or a professional installer will need to understand these commands and possibly script them if integrated into a larger system like home automation.

What is the baud rate of Samsung EX.link?

The baud rate for the Samsung EX.link (RS-232C) connection varies between models, but most commonly, it is set to 9600 baud. However, always consult your specific television’s manual or Samsung’s official support resources for the most accurate information as there might be variations among different models.

For reference, baud rate is a term that refers to the speed of data transmission in terms of the number of signal units per second. In the context of the EX.link feature on Samsung TVs, a higher baud rate would mean quicker communication between the TV and the connected device.


EX.link is a powerful feature embedded in Samsung TVs, underscoring the company’s commitment to transforming home entertainment by fostering an integrated ecosystem of devices. Whether it’s controlling a home theater system from your TV remote or integrating your TV into a comprehensive home automation system, the EX.link offers convenience and functionality that enriches the user experience. As with all advanced features, understanding and making the most of EX.link requires a bit of technical know-how, but for those willing to delve in, it presents an impressive way to streamline and enhance home entertainment.